24 Hour Phone Banking


Greeneville Federal Bank offers round-the-clock account access with 24 Hour Telephone Banking.  By calling the number listed above, you can obtain account information at the touch of a button.   All you need is your social security number and password.

24 Hour Telephone Banking functions include:

  • General inquiry information, including curent and available balance
  • History information
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Faxing of interim statements (fee charged for faxed statements)

Counterfeit cashier’s checks that appear to be drawn on Greeneville Federal are circulating. These checks have the misspelled word “Greenville” and have check numbers in the 9000 and 10000 series. Most amounts are $1,845.45, $1,850.63, $2,380 or $2,930. Please contact us at (423) 638-4154 to verify the authenticity of a check prior to accepting.