Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) utilizes a desktop scanner connected to your computer and the Internet.  With RDC you can scan checks and deposit them electronically to your Greeneville Federal Bank account at your own convenience.  Funds deposited by 7:00 pm ET receive same day credit.  It’s secure and the quickest way to deposit checks into your account.  In order to utilize this service you must fill out an application and be approved.  Certain restrictions apply. 

Counterfeit cashier’s checks that appear to be drawn on Greeneville Federal are circulating. These checks have the misspelled word “Greenville” and have check numbers in the 9000 and 10000 series. Most amounts are $1,845.45, $1,850.63, $2,380 or $2,930. Please contact us at (423) 638-4154 to verify the authenticity of a check prior to accepting.