Information Regarding Digital Banking:

What is Digital Banking?
Digital banking refers to Greeneville Federal Bank’s (aka, “us,” “GFB,” “The Bank”) internet banking using either our web-based platform (https://www.greenevillefederalbank.com) or our mobile banking app (i.e., Android, iPhone).

Digital banking services are available for both consumer and business accounts. When a customer applies for these services, a profile is established for that individual. In the case of business-account internet banking, a parent profile is also established for the business entity, under which all individual users operate.

What is a Digital Banking Profile?

A digital banking profile is a secure, digital account which allows users to access, view, and manage their GFB accounts. To establish a digital banking profile, each customer is required to have a unique username and password. These profiles are associated with the personal information that customers have provided to The Bank at onboarding; therefore, this information falls under the jurisdiction of The Bank’s Privacy Policy (see link below).

Alongside the Bank, customers are also encouraged and expected to use best practices to safeguard their personal information. Please refer to the second link under this section for tips to protect your identity, including those relating to digital banking.

Privacy Policy

Notices: 8 Tips to Protect Your Identity

How Does My Digital Banking Profile Connect Me to the Bank?

The same username and password grant you access to both the GFB website’s digital banking pages and the GFB mobile apps. For consumers, this refers to the Online Banking webpage and the Greeneville Federal Bank mobile application. For businesses, this refers to the Business Banking webpage and the Greeneville Federal Bank Biz mobile application. Consumers and businesses are free to use one or both types of respective digital resources, according to their preferences and needs.

How Do I Sign Up for Digital Banking?

Signing up for digital banking depends on whether you are a consumer or a business.

Consumer Banking
For consumer banking, you may begin in one of two ways:

1.      You may visit our website (https://www.greenevillefederalbank.com) and click on the Online Banking option at the top of the webpage. Then, select the New User Registration option to begin the setup process.

2.      You may download the Greeneville Federal Bank app on your mobile device’s respective app store. Click on this link to be directed to a webpage with shortcuts to our consumer apps. Once you enter the app, select the New User? Register Here option to begin the setup process.


Business Banking
For business banking, a profile for your business entity must first be established. This is accomplished by contacting us at (423) 638-4154 or at info@greenevillefederalbank.com. Our operations department will create a business profile for your business and for any authorized user whose required information you provide.

Once all necessary profiles have been established, each user will be provided with their username, a temporary password, and a Company ID unique to your business. At this point, it is up to the discretion of each user if they would prefer to access business online banking via the website or mobile app.

Click on this link to be directed to a webpage with shortcuts to our business apps.


What If I Want to Delete My Digital Banking Profile Account?
Greeneville Federal Bank understands that there may come a time when a customer no longer requires the use of online banking. All GFB customers who use or have considered using digital banking resources are entitled to have our full cooperation and transparency regarding any details of the account deletion process of digital banking profiles.

To request the deletion of a digital banking account, please contact The Bank in writing via one of the following ways:



101 W Summer St, Greeneville, TN 37743


In your correspondence, please include the following information:

·         A statement requesting that The Bank delete your digital banking account

·         Your full legal name

·         Your username for digital banking

·         A phone number with which to reach you


Upon receiving your request, a GFB Operations technician will contact you to verify your request. We will then delete your digital banking profile account. Once this has been done, you will no longer have access to online banking, neither by the webpage nor by the mobile app. (Note for mobile app users: The GFB app and GFB Biz app will remain on your device until you have selected to uninstall it).


Disclaimer: Select information from digital banking profiles will be retained in the form of archived data for any account deleted from the system to facilitate account recovery. This data includes information which links the user to their bank account(s) and the user’s personalized settings. Archived user data cannot be used by The Bank or The Bank’s financial software service provider to access customer bank accounts or other protected information. This archived data will exist indefinitely for the duration of The Bank’s relationship with our financial software service provider.